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Andrew Mark Klapper MD

Once believed to be the most difficult residency to get in all of America. Dr.Klapper was bestowed the honor of completing all of his surgical and plastic surgery training at NYU Medical Center. Never satisfied with just enough Dr.Klapper is one of the few Plastic Surgeons in the World to have developed and have surgical instruments named after him. Be it far more impressive that he accomplished all this while he was still the Chief Resident at the World Renowned NYU Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery(IRPS).

Interestingly, it said that 60% of Plastic Surgery department chairman across the country come from the NYU IRPS. Despite this academic pedigree Dr.Klapper chose to serve the community and became at the time the youngest plastic surgeon in the country in private practice. In addition to caring from his 5th Ave office for a well guarded list of who’s who from film, modeling and finance. Dr.Klapper donated the first several years of his practice as the Director of the New York Downtown Plastic Surgery Clinic providing complex reconstructive care to the uninsured and working poor of Lower Manhattan.

Disappointed in the skin care products he was recommending to his patients that promised much but offered little he set out to change the industry by developing a radically innovative science based alternative.  Known as the “father of probiocosmetics” Dr.Klapper has invented an entirely new niche of skin care based on “living cosmetics”.

Considered by many to be one of the most creative aesthetic plastic surgeons in the country, Dr.Klapper has inspired instrumentation and several operations used by his colleagues today. This creativity and skill has led to Dr.Klapper being sought out and nicknamed by his colleagues as the “problem solver” for complex secondary aesthetic reconstructions. Dr.Klapper devotes a large portion of his practice to corrective liposuction and aesthetic breast revision surgery.

Board Certification

Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Inventions and Surgical Innovations

Skin Care
BIOS Beauty System
BIOS Clinical Acne System

Hair Care
SANS PAREIL –Revigore’ Hair Care System

Surgical Devices
Klapper Breast Surgery Scissors - Accurate Surgical

Surgical Procedures
Bilobe Medial Pedicle Reduction Mammaplasty (presented NYU Research Competition (1st Place awarded/00’) and Aston Aesthetic Symposium/06’)
PUMP Mastopexy –Pedicled Upper Medial Pole Projecting Mastopexy (presented ASAPS/03’)