plastic surgeon, inventor, proud owner of Charlie


Inventions & Innovations


Klapper Scissors

Dr. Klapper has always looked with admiration to the pioneers of Plastic Surgery. They forged new ground through uncharted territory, and their contributions are the foundation of our modern surgical discipline. It has been a real honor to contribute to his colleagues through novel creativity. The instruments that he has designed and the surgical techniques that he has pioneered are inspired by these men.


BIOS Beauty & Clinical

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Klapper had a new quest:  providing women with a way to reverse the signs of age affordably - without surgery or injections.

BIOS is a revolutionary new skin care line that delivers on that promise through a unique blend of science and natural ingredients. Formulated with help from some of the world’s best biochemists, BIOS creams and cosmetics produce beautiful results practically overnight.

BIOS' unique and revolutionary approach to skin care is based on utilizing living probiotics on the skin, which makes the world's first "probiocosmetic" effective with only using the help of nature.